America Needs the Affordable Care Act Essay

America Needs the Affordable Care Act Essay

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According to Newsweek, the University Medical Center on average has about $100,000 dollars a month in unpaid doctor’s visits and operations and special procedures; this burden gets passed on to the County taxpayer (Johnson). Unpaid bills occur due to people taken to the hospital and either do not have, or have very poor health insurance. The current process is not fair to anyone, whether one has no health insurance or one who has paid for it. Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise referred to as Obamacare, signed into law on March 23, 2010, this requires all Americans to purchase health insurance. The purchase of this care is purchased either individually or through the government market place. The act will lower the cost of insurance on all Americans, and additionally relive pressures felt at hospitals under the circumstance one does not have health insurance. Similar acts have been passed in states like Massachusetts resulting in high success; the individual mandate requiring Americans to purchase health insurance is justified and constitutional.
The health insurance debate is not new, as there have been numerous law debates, deriving in the law passing when it comes to health care. One of the first people to introduce a government run health care was Theodore Roosevelt in 1912. One of the reasons for bringing the bill forward was due to similar laws being passed in Europe; however, the bill never made it to a vote. Representative George H. Utter from Rhode Island once stated that he voted against the bill because he did not believe that the federal government had the resources to insure everyone (Fletcher). Also in 1949 Harry Truman proposed his Fair Deal Act: including giving aid to farmers, assist s...

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