Essay about Amazon 's A Counter Argument

Essay about Amazon 's A Counter Argument

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Counter Argument
In its motion to dismiss the case, there are a few points that Amazon could have disputed, including its previous adjustments to the in-app charging system and parental responsibilities of monitoring and protecting children’s online activity.
Amazon’s Previous Precautionary Measures
When in-app purchases were first introduced to the Amazon Appstore, there were no password requirements on in-app charges, including children’s games and other apps (Federal Trade Commission, 2014). Thus, customers began to complain about unknown billed charges on their accounts from in-app purchases. In response to its customers’ reactions to the unauthorized charges, Amazon has modified its in-app purchasing system several times to require a password entry to authorize in-app charges. While the FTC and Amazon customers are still not content with the updates, Amazon argues that the company is already taking plenty of precautionary measures to prevent or limit children from incurring unwanted charges on their parents’ accounts (Welch, 2014). So Amazon refutes the FTC’s complaint with the argument that the company has already addressed customer concerns and taken appropriate actions, and therefore, should not be penalized and requested to do any more. However, the FTC believes that the solutions proposed by Amazon have not been quickly taken into effect. Technology is constantly changing, and the FTC argues that Amazon should continue to change and update its in-app purchasing system to satisfy its customers as well as remain in compliance with FTC rules. Therefore, Amazon’s claim that it has already taken preventative measures regarding in-app purchases is not an effective opposition.
Is it Parents’ or Government’s Right to Protect ...

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...nology (Bartoli, 2009, p. 36; Hersh, 2000, p. 1832). Thus, it is increasingly important for not only government regulations to remain current with the digital age but also for parents, whose children are likely to surpass their technological knowledge, to become more cognizant about the risks associated with online activities.
BETTER INTRO SENTENCE. Should Amazon step back and examine the similar complaints against its counterpart, the company would realize that FTC’s allegation is in fact valid. The major concern of privacy is in bridging the ever-widening gap between expectation of privacy and the ease with which a person’s information can be collected (Witte, 2014, p. 25). Therefore, with knowledge of the past and its outcomes, future issues regarding online privacy should focus on closing the gap and decreasing the risk of losing privacy completely.

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