Essay about Amazon : An Online Payment System

Essay about Amazon : An Online Payment System

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One of the greatest opportunities for Amazon is an Online Payment System. The online system allows the company to reduce transaction fees and increase ease of use for their customers. Internet sales are increasing at a fast pace. This is a product of increased fuel prices, which make driving to a store less likely, and foreign purchases. This development allows foreign purchases to buy clothing as it becomes more popular abroad. Amazon’s biggest competitors can include retail stores that online stores such as Target, Best Buy, and Walmart among others, these can be considered the most dangerous for them since they have strong market share and can be a direct competitor since they attack the same market. Amazon wish to compete in prices, offering always the best deals. One of Amazon’s biggest competitor eBay, is a company which has its own payment method, PayPal. A great opportunity for Amazon to advance its business would be to create a similar payment system. Currently, Amazon does have its own system called “Amazon Payments”, however this system requires for one to use their bank account information. On the other hand, PayPal is much more advanced, and does not require a bank account. All it requires is a debit or credit card, and it also offers its own “PayPal Smart Connect” online credit card. EBay has witnessed a majority of its success from this payment system. There are thousands of online retailers who currently accept PayPal as a valid method of payment, which increases eBay’s revenue. If Amazon were to introduce a system similar to this as well, in which people are not required to give their bank information, the company would surely have a great bump in its revenue.
One of the largest threats that Amazon faces is its o...

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...the infrastructure is taken care of so that the retention is there. When the retention is there they will continue to grow and expand their product lines so their customers will not have to take their business elsewhere. To make sure that the customer satisfaction is taken care of they live by Sic Core Values to make things happen to make sure that everything stays in order. Amazon has maintained the mission of always taking care of the customer. They currently account for tremendous distribution systems that in some way be accounted for the success the company has since it ads real value to the service they have offered. In addition to CRM and other technologies the SWOT shows a variety of ways to overcome challenges, and add value to the company. In my opinion Amazon truly values their customers and are always working on ways to improve their products and service.

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