Amanda Is Smart, Athletic, Popular And The Head Of The High School Cheerleading Squad

Amanda Is Smart, Athletic, Popular And The Head Of The High School Cheerleading Squad

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Amanda (Collier) Reynolds (Wife to Frank Reynolds and mother to Jared, Lynn, Bea (deceased), and Annette Reynolds) - Amanda was smart, athletic, popular and the head of the high school cheerleading squad, and everyone wanted to be her friend. A teenage boy like Dawson could only dream about ever talking to a girl like Amanda. During a chemistry class in their junior year, fate partnered Amanda and Dawson together, and their relationship blossomed; however, news spread fast in a small southern town, and due to his family’s reputation, the Collier family refused their daughter, Amanda, to continue her relationship with Dawson. Her parents threatened Amanda to cut her funding for college and took away her phone and driving privileges. Dawson broke thier relationship off, knowing it was for Amanda’s best, even though he never recovered from the lasting scars. After graduating college, Amanda married a future dentist, Frank, and when Amanda birthed to her second child she, she placed a permanent leave of absence from teaching. In the present, Amanda volunteers at Duke University Hospital and leads major fundraising events.
Dawson Cole (Single man with a yearning and never ending love for his high school sweetheart, Amanda Collier) - Dawson Cole was born into a family of “moonshiners and drug dealers, alcoholics, wife beaters, abusive fathers and mothers, thieves and pimps, and above all, pathologically violent” people; however, Dawson defined himself to be different. He enjoyed learning a strived to exceed, but when teachers whispered that their class contained on of the finest students, Dawson taught himself how to manipulate his report cards to deflate the number of his criminal father’s belts impaled into his skin. One night Dawso...

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...ank foreclosed and the lack of money forced Marilyn to move herself and her five kids to her parent’s apple farm. Also, Marilyn received a check every two weeks from an anonymous donor which helped her tremendously to regain her life back.
Allen Bonner (First born child of Dr. and Mrs. Bonner) - A twenty seven year old man who worked in a delivery service company and drove a delivery truck on daily basis. Candy, his love interest, refused to accept his signs of affection towards her. Cousin Abbe almost killed Allen, but Dawson distracted Abbe and saved Allen’s life.
Jared Reynold (First child of Amanda and Frank and brother to Lynn and Annette) - He is a nineteen year old boy attending his first year of college. Jared suffered a heart attack from an unknown reason after his car crashed in the middle of the night, and as a result received a heart transplant.

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