Alternative Methods ( Herbal And Food Based Supplements Essay

Alternative Methods ( Herbal And Food Based Supplements Essay

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When I decided to write the introduction of my book, my thoughts were what should I write? What would you, as a reader, like to know about how I came up with the idea to write my book? I was writing a short story about my childhood (in the south), before I started writing it, I was excited about recalling memories of it, which I had not thought about in over forty years. The Holy Ghost softly spoke to me within my mind, and told me to stop writing the short story. I was inspired to finish the book that I had started writing about alternative methods (herbal and food based supplements) that have helped me with some of my health problems.
The herbal products that I have taken have kept my stomach pain under control for the past 22 years. At that time, the doctors could not diagnose, or could not write a prescription to ease my pain. They did not understand the anxiety that I was going through. They performed several tests, but had no clue as to what was causing the pain. At that time, I seriously started thinking about trying alternative methods or herbs for my health problems. The herbs that I knew about I used to put into my food to give it a better taste or flavor, or the common home remedies that my mother gave us for a stomach ache, a cold, measles or mumps.
In my mid-fifties, my feet started burning like they were on fire again. I went to the doctor had tests done, they could not find out what was causing it. I went on the Internet searching different web sites hoping to find some information about “Burning Feet” I had never heard of anyone that suffered from this problem. It took me several years to find a product to help me with this condition.
When I use herbs for any health problems, and if I don’t see any r...

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... knowing what I was going to do next, what would be my next step, and was I ever going to find healing for my health problems. At times, I did have some real fears, my faith was too strong for me to give up. When I started writing my book I thought I was going to have it finish within a few months, but I realized that writing about alternative healing I had to do some extensive research to find the right supplements for my health problems to get results, which weren’t easy. I will take supplements for the healing of my health problems because I believed in alternative medicines or natural healing. Through my research, I know I can find quality supplements to “Repair, Rebuild, Restore, and Reverse my health problems. I decided to write my book sharing the information about/on alternative findings with my readers, that there is a “Healing in the Making” for you, too.

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