Herbal Medicine Essay

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Herbal products are medicinal agents obtained from the plants. It’s all started 100 years ago by ancient people. Since synthetic medicine are not yet invented by that time, ancient people had invented medicine out of the plants. Through generations the original herbal medicine had been modified due to the new knowledge discovered and technologies invented. People often choose Herbal Medicine over the prescribed and conventional medicine when they have a lifelong health complication. More so, Herbal Medicine is not just to cure such health problems, it also improves the overall well-being, many health enthusiast use herbal medicine to preclude illness or to assure a healthier lifestyle. Frequently a person believes that herbal medicine is more naturally safe and soothing than drugs. Nevertheless, there’s no reasonable defense about this. Though many consumers trusted herbal medicine much more than the synthetic medicine because it’s safe and effective, but like anything else, it has its own limitations too. There are several hostile issues related to herbal medicine that has been quite alarming. Notwithstanding, majority of the most popular herbs are at least nearly safe. According to Ming-Yeng Pang, a writer of an article Herbal Medicine and Cancer, Considering that herbal medicines are inferiorly regulated than the conventional medicine, manufacturers may differ on the quality and quantity of the medicine. Since there’s no proper and studied techniques on making an herbal remedies, it may cause contamination and dilution. Herbal medicine does interact with pharmaceutical products that it might interfere the effects of the conventional medicine. In relation with this, herbal medicine can be life-menacing (Herbal Medicine and C... ... middle of paper ... ... of the herbal medicines are safe natural, there are other herbal medicines that could supply healing treatment but with danger of overdose. Few of the recommended is Echinacea and andographis, they join forces to fight against the symptoms of colds, flus, and upper respiratory tract infections. Echinacea is recognized for its immune simulation while andographis will aid from free radicals. This two are immune-boosting herbs proven to speed recovery (Immune C 300g + Echinacea & Andrographis). Another good example of an herbal is Ginseng enhances people’s health from recovering illness. It enrich ones mental and physical performances (Health Benefits of Ginseng). Using them as recommended is safe, but when misleading the use of such will turn out to be dangerous to one. Users must take extra caution especially when they are not familiar with the herbal medicine.

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