The African Scramble Conference On Africa Essay

The African Scramble Conference On Africa Essay

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The early 1900s, the Europeans feasted on Africa. At the time, Africa was ground for europeans to snatch up and call their own. It was not long until this affected the many diverse people of Africa. The image represents what the Contintent of Africa would’ve looked like in 1914. The African Scramble conference was held in Germany, nine european countries came to take the pieces of Africa they desired. This was a excutected through european powers of Belgum, italy, great Britain, France, Germany, portugal, and spain. Before the period of new imperalism, 1881 through 1914, a mere 10% of Africa was under european control. However, that small 10% percent sky rocketed to an alarming 90 percent. The two countries that were left out of European conquest of Africa was Ethiopia (called Abyssinia at the time) and Liberia. The one African country taken by Americans was Liberia. However, how does this history, and graphic shape what we know about Globalization today? What we do know is that the scramble for Africa change the way this continent functions through an economical, cultural, and political stand point that will change how to functions side by side through the rest of the world together.
Now, on tv, we allow countless commercials run of the poor african child, not even stating what country they’re from, but allow them to just be a poor african child on the streets. And as americans, we buy into the guilt. The guilt that imperialism and colonization left them behind. Instead of realizing the situation at hand, we buy away the corporations, that let us sleep at night. That let us believe we are making a difference when we are really not. Economically, europeans conquering Africa have had detrimental changes to the people of Africa. A...

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...hen it reality, Africa may be the most diverse continent in the world. Due to the African scramble, Africans were unable to make their own borders. Thus, Multiple villages are stuck into one country, who all may speak different languages. It’s extremely hard to control a country when it’s people speak different languages, have different customs and values. Africa isn’t behind the world because the people of africa are incapable. No, we are missing out on the great individuals of Africa because we left them behind.
All in all, this graphic gives us a plethora of information. It gives us a look inside European imperlism, and how Africa was divided and conqured. Today, we can see that this very image still showing relevence on what we can say about hte differen Economical, cultural, and politcal challenges African countries still face today due to the African Scramble.

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