Essay about African Diaspora and National Belonging

Essay about African Diaspora and National Belonging

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The Pan Africanism movement covers the African diaspora subject across the globe, most recently in the Asian continent. The following communities discussed in this paper are from India and the Persian Gulf area.
In the Land of Israel, immigrants of Ethiopian began settling in the state since the 1970’s. Black Jews practice Judaism and Ethiopians migrated to Israel primarily for religious reasons. With roots going back to biblical times, Ethiopians Jews were surprise to find other groups of people who had been practicing the religion as well. The immigrants had a difficult time trying to enter the country by “returning to Israel.” In 1973, they were considered a part of the Jewish community and qualified to gain Israeli citizenship. As anti-Semitism rose in Ethiopia, the Jews of Ethiopia left for the Promised Land. Over time, the influx of Ethiopians came in with the assistance of government agencies and refuge operations. The Ethiopian immigrants were placed in temporary shelter and given monetary funds by the government along with Hebrew language classes. Those who came during those years currently have better opportunities. The black experience in Israel is an interesting one to be analyzed in conjunction with their national identity.
Ethiopian Jews have faced discrimination in a number of public sectors such as housing, education, military and other areas of Jewish life. Few have reported these incidences of discrimination. Most families live in the developing areas of Israel; some believe the reasoning behind it has to do with their African background when the Israeli agencies placed them there. Intriguingly enough, some Ethiopians were not aware that White Jews existed. Some have complained that they are segregated in the...

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...communities that derive from Africa. The cultural kinship that is shared between all of these communities are not only a part of the African diaspora, but it deals with questions of religion, ethnic and political questions when determining where future research of the extensions of African communities will be guided toward. By going into these various communities as a research with a theme that deals with national belonging, the output will yield various results.This regional part of the world, which covers the continent of Asia, is an exciting route to be looked at. The unique trajectory stands alone with both of these communities. When you begin to draw lines between national borders and ethnic conflicts throughout Africa and Asia; the idea of national belonging is a very intriguing topic to be looked at, especially in relation to the African diaspora.

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