Comparing American Slavery and the Holocaust

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The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast the American Slavery and the Holocaust, in terms of which one was more malevolent than the other. Research indicates that “the “competition” between African-American and Jews has served to trivialize the malevolence which both has suffered” (Newton, 1999). According to L. Thomas “A separate issue that contributes to the tension between blacks and Jews refer to to the role that Jews played in the American Slave trade.” History Around 1600 (C.E), the United States began importing blacks from the continent of Africa for slave labor; and the Constitution later adopted by the colonies declared blacks 3/5 of a person (Martin, 1993). Laurence Thomas states that the Adolph Hitler’s purpose in 1938, was to exterminate the Jewish population of six million. I believe this is such a sad portrayal of what had occurred during this era, which is similar to what my ancestors faced during the Wounded Knee Massacre. According to L. Thomas “American Slavery is the paradigm of African-American suffering for the African-American’s in the United States; and the Holocaust is the example of the Jewish people’s agonization” (Thomas, 2005). Tony Martin states that “the prerogatives of the first two sentences are based on facts.” Laurence Thomas emphasizes that the events referred to are in chronological order, and that nobody can dispute the order for which is happened (Thomas, 2005). Slavery Slavery is a sensitive topic that most would say evil and bad. Martin states that “some African-Americans claimed that Jews were the dominant figures in the trading of black slaves. (Martin 1993). Research by Mintz and McNeil support that “After making contact with the West Africans, the Portuguese est... ... middle of paper ... ...ew of the Colonial Era. Digital History. Retrieved on December 04, 2013 from Newton, Adam Zachary, Facing Black and Jew: Literature as Public Space in Twentieth Century America. Cambridge University Press, 1999. Retrieved on 12/09/13. Rubenstein Richard, The Cunning of History. Harper and Row, 1975. Retrieved on December 04, 2013. Thomas, L. The Morally Obnoxious Comparisons of Evil. Wiesenthal Center, S. (2001, February 01). The holocaust:36 questions about the holocaust. Retrieved from Retrieved December 01, 2013). Yahweh, B. L. (2013). Jewish and african affairs. In B. Yahweh (Ed.), Jews and the African Holocaust. Retrieved on Dec. 02, 2013 from /news_ah/jewishslave.html.
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