African American Of The United States Essay

African American Of The United States Essay

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Africans Americans in the United States faces a lot of problems, for example, their children are not equal education, they can’t find a good job, they can’t get a good accommodation etc.
Some schools don’t accept black children and white child often bullied black children, so black children can’t get a equal treatment in school. In Unite States, some jobs not allow the black and only white, so black don’t have enough opportunities to work, and black often unemployment. Black often live a messy place, because white don’t want to rent the house to black ect.
Review of American history, the United States since 1870, by the 15th amendment ( black won the right to vote ), up to now the black enter the presidential race for the first time and got elected and re-elected. ( democratic candidate black Obama became the first black President of the United States ), So American Negro suffrage cyclone have lit the African-American people unprecedented political enthusiasm.
As we all know, the United States is an immigrant country, once was regarded as is the world 's ethnic melting pot. In nearly 30 years since the U.S. immigration policy unceasing change, the immigrant population has increased dramatically. The whites accounted for 72% of the U.S. population, blacks (13%), Hispanics (11%), Asia and the Pacific African people accounted for 4%. Changes in population structure, it is bound to the political, economic, and social and cultural impact, the impact in the new century, especially the new immigrants and the United States is traditionally the differences such as language, culture and the complexion that analysts have thinking: the United States will continue to be national melting pot? Or will become a "mosaic"? Although for this issue...

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... the university of Denver. In January 1989, has just turned 34, rice served as special assistant to President George w. bush 's national security affairs, started a career. As Russia expert in the bush administration, the rice was the top black women in the United States government. The presidential election in 2000, Condoleezza rice, as the republican candidate for President George w. bush 's chief foreign policy adviser, to advise the bush. Bush was elected President appointed rice President for national security affairs assistant. She has always been the President 's right-hand man. In January 2005, served as secretary of state, she is following the Clinton administration 's Madeleine Albright second female secretary of state in American history. The focus now is black senator Obama 's glorious struggle. In 1996, was elected Illinois senator, Obama and three-term.

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