Afric A Distorted View Of The Continent Of North America Essay

Afric A Distorted View Of The Continent Of North America Essay

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Throughout the beginning of this course, it has become clear that the way in which Africa is represented provides a distorted view of the rest of the world. With the use of films, news coverage, commercials, literature and academic articles, it is clear that “Africa” is being represented in a negative light, which is ultimately unfair to the countries within Africa which are not all entirely negative. The reason for the quotations around Africa signifies that it is thought of as one continent where negativity brews and there is no wealth or happiness, which is not entirely true. Clumping the entire African population into one category of “poor”, “sick”, and “sad” is just like the alternative of clumping the entire continent of North America into one category which people of the Western world would be completely offended by. Throughout this paper it will examine the issues of representation throughout Africa and the ways in which they can be overcome.

To begin, there are many things that contribute to the portrait of Africa. In most cases, the portrait that is being offered leans more on the negative side rather than a positive one. Due to this, it is tough for people to look past this image that is provided to see that Africa is not completely awful or corrupt, as some images portray it to be. The first example that will be examined in this paper will be the role of films and their power to create an image of Africa that might not be entirely true. The first film that accurately depicts the misrepresentation within Africa would be Consuming Hunger, Part 2- Shaping the Image. This film, which was presented in class, discussed the ways in which Africa has become the hub of charity cases. Within this film it discussed the use of ch...

... middle of paper ... is an absolutely untrue fact. In the case of Africa, there are lots of countries that struggle with inequality, wealth and disease. But this is not every country, which makes it difficult to create a positive representation. Another example of this comes out of the film Hotel Rwanda. For some people, this film was their first peek into an African country that was indeed facing hardships. But even though this film tries to describe what was taking place at this time that was one country within a continent of many other countries that were thriving and doing just fine.

These negative representations can be surmounted by means of education and further examination of relevant sources. For example, it is crucial to not believe everything you read or see regarding such things due to the fact that it creates a false reality surrounding brilliant places such as Africa.

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