The Effect Of European Colonization On Native Americans

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When the Europeans Colonization America it changed not only the lives of the Native American people but their cultures as well. Looking at the history of the population of American Indigenous peoples, we can see a catastrophic drop off when the Europeans arrive. When the Europeans came, they forced the natives to pack up their camps and move into other tribes' territories or into infertile grounds, and introduced major disease like smallpox, influenza, measles, and even some minor disease like the common cold and chicken pox’s, which killed more than half of the native population. The natives had no immunity’s to the new European diseases, so the outbreak was almost 100% effective. This is not to say that all of the Europeans influence was negative the Europeans did introduce modern medicines, new animals, exotic plants and new technology to the Native Americans. Most people are familiar with what the Europeans did, but many are not aware of what the European adopted from the natives. The Tribal Indians affected many of the daily life rituals of the Europeans were affected by the natives from language, government, literature, recreation, medicine, hygiene, and food. Because of the benefits the Europeans gain from the Natives Americans the Europeans camps and settlements were able to prosper and grow. A side affected by the growth of the Europeans settlements is the resistance of the Native Americans who are forced to move again, deeper into the American wilderness; this changed their population size and where settlements began. Much of the culture of the Native Americans has been lost forever due to the influence of the
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