Colonisation Of North America Research Paper

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The coming of the Europeans led to the colonisation of the region by the powerful European colonies such as England, Spain, and Portugal, etc. was aided by various expeditions that led to the discovery of North America. Christopher Columbus played an important part in the exploration of the American continent which shed more light on the existence of North American lands that were good for both agriculture and other developmental abilities. This paper examines the extent that the European colonisation of North America was a utopian experiment. A critical review of existing literature is conducted to illustrate the factors brought forth in the report to develop the viewpoint taken into the body of the literature.
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It is the colonisation of North America that opened ways to the European expansion of their colonies across the world and exercised the different colonial forms that were used to inhabit other regions within their state. North America was a home to many races since the early centuries and has continued to be so. The European model of colonisation was therefore separated depending on the types of races that populated the place during that time. For instance Holloway (1966) observes that the spirits of democracy and equality were defended in some of the English colonies right from the beginning of their colonisation spree around the globe. However, these humane treatments excluded women, African Americans and Native Americans who formed a considerable number of inhabitants in North America during the European colonial days. These exclusions were meant by the European colonialists to facilitate the possibilities of creating the utopian society that they desired to achieve in…show more content…
The American spirit entrenched in the slogan; ‘In God We Trust ' was coined during this time. Today, America has been known as the white European Protestant North America thus cutting a niche for themselves that would outstand in the entire world. These quests stretched from the Puritan regimes and to the aerobicizing at gym. Even though earlier writings dug by anthropologists have recorded the European colonialists view that a communist’s society would be the most virtuous, proper state of mankind which is natural in all aspects, the desire for creating a utopian society in America outweighed the desire to create a communist society and the adoption of the capitalistic regime that have continued to rule the United States and spur development agenda in the region and
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