Administrative Leadership And Its Impact On Employee 's Behavior Essay

Administrative Leadership And Its Impact On Employee 's Behavior Essay

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Administrative leadership is influencing followers and subordinate. This is a key topic to run an administration properly by the time.
Scholar Warner Benis said,“Leadership is complex process by which a person influences others to accomplish organizational mission, vision and objectives in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent.”
Leaders approach towards employee make an influence on employee’s behavior on their performance.Ifa leader supports his employee, encourage them and be fair with them, it makes a positive influence. And if a leader is unfair or unsupportive it makes a negative influence on employee’s behavior. Leaders also indirectly contribute on employee’s health and energy level.
Ohio state university did a study on leadership and they give 4 types of leadership based on two dimensions (Consideration & Initiating Structure).
Types of leadership are given below:
1. Human Relation: Relation between Leaders and employees are most likely friendly. This type of leaders gives importance to his subordinates.
2. Laissez faire: They try to avoid the responsibility. Don’t care about sub-ordinate or rules and regulation.
3. Autocratic: They strictly follow the rules and regulations. Don’t care for subordinates.
4. Democratic: They care for subordinate and rules and regulation also.

Autocratic Leadership: An autocratic Leader is he who strictly follows the rules and regulation. They implement only their opinions don’t care for subordinates but only dominate them. They give high consideration on performance and low consideration on people. It seems to them that the employees are lazy, irresponsible and employees are not sensible enough to handle the responsibilities. That is why leaders organize, plan, control and make d...

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In 2012, 24 November, atashulia of Dhaka In Bangladesh a fatal fire broke out in Tazrin Fashion Ltd. Nearly 117 died and almost 200 seriously injured by this accident. The building was not fit to fight against fire. For this, this type of accident occurred. The management of Tazrin Fashion are not concern about the security of the building.
And In 2013,24 April at savarRana Plaza collapsed. 1129 died and almost 3000 injured in this accident. It is the historic tragedy of all time. These two accidents occur due to the autocratic administration. Rana Plaza was not built maintaining building code. But the owner did not pay attention to the matter. The owner of the garments of Rana Plaza did not pay attention to the fracture of the wall and compel to work to the worker. They only care about their profit not to the security of the building or not the worker’s safety.

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