Essay on Acute Care Setting Interdepartmental Communication

Essay on Acute Care Setting Interdepartmental Communication

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In the acute care setting interdepartmental communication is fundamental to the success of hospital operations. TeleTracking, the bed operations software implemented at Saint Vincent Hospital (SVH) controls communication between units, environmental services (EVS), and the admissions office control center. The basic functions of the software allow for the admitting office to: reserve patient beds, alert units of impending admissions, notify EVS of room statuses, and send instant messages to unit bed boards. The users of TeleTracking are able to communicate with the admissions office only. Currently, no access exists for units to communicate with other departments. The limitation has created barriers to communicating EVS needs, and has created wasted-time and non-productive labor for nursing units.
Current evidenced based practice for patients scheduled for surgery suggest two chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) preoperative cleanses to prevent surgical site infections (SSI), also known as heathcare-associated infections (HAI). Patients, typically, while in the acute care setting, receive a CHG cleanse the night prior to surgery with their bed linens changed, and then repeat on the day of surgery. SVH showed an increased incidence of SSI, recognizing bed linens were not being changed after the second CHG cleanse. It was determined to clean the patient’s room and change the bed linens prior to the patient being transferred back postoperatively decreased SSIs. The typical workflow is for the EVS unit housekeeper, if available, to change the bed linens prior to the patient returning from the OR. Enhancement of the TeleTracking software would streamline this process, allowing for notification through pager or text mes...

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...imbursement or $800,000. SSIs is one of the conditions where we have lost reimbursement.
There is going to be little to no cost incurred by expanding the communication permissions between departments through TeleTracking software. SVH purchased the Teletracking software prior, therefore, they already own the licensure and expansion of software would not have any further cost. The main objective will be to allow nursing unit’s permission to change statuses on unit bed boards.
Data security has already been addressed; all nursing units are coded by cost center, and cannot be accessed by other nursing units, then a password is utilized. This will create a formalized way to know the bed was cleaned appropriately. Ethically, by following evidenced based practice, we are doing the right thing for the patient. Decreasing SSI will allow for better patient outcomes.

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