The Actions And Legacy Of Mankind Essay

The Actions And Legacy Of Mankind Essay

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History aims to examine the actions and legacy of mankind. The past is filled with the achievements that humans have reached, however, history also shows us the evil that man is capable of. No atrocity against mankind is more heinous than the act of genocide. Genocide is the aim to destroy all (or part of) of a racial, religious, ethnic, or national group of people. This paper will examine two famous cases of genocide in history: The holocaust of Jews and other groups in Nazi Germany, and the destruction of the Congolese people under Belgian colonialism. The Holocaust remains as one of the main legacies of Hitler and the Nazi party, who claimed an estimated 11 million victims, 6 million of which were Jews. Comparatively, the Congolese Genocide is a prime example of the effects and negative impact colonialism can have on a native population. Under the imperial rule, an estimated 10 million Congolese people were killed, along with their land and culture. Both of these cases share similar characteristics, but because the genocides differed in motivations and certain key mechanisms, it can be concluded that each case holds its own uniqueness, therefore the differences outweigh the similarities.

Under the Nazi regime, Anti-Semitism became an official state policy. However, anti-Jewish sentiments are deeply rooted in European history. Though it is the most massive scale of persecution against Jews, the holocaust represents only one instance of Anti-Semitic action in European history. Death camps, medical experimentation, and forced labour are only a few examples of the atrocities committed during the holocaust. The motivation for the holocaust was purely ideological, Hitler and the Nazi party viewed Jews as an inferior race who co...

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... with the wiping out of the Native population of America during colonization than the Holocaust. While both can be classified as genocides, they show us different forms that genocide can take. They can be caused by different factors, fueled by different ideas, and executed in different manners. Both of these cases have left devastating legacies, but they have also helped develop our current understanding of discrimination and human rights. The lessons learned from the Holocaust led to the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN, legislation that aims to ensure basic human rights for all people and prevent future discriminatory actions such as genocide. History shows both the achievements of mankind and its failures, if genocides represent a failure of man then the lessons learned from them serve as an achievement of understanding our history.

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