Accounting Is The Measurement, Processing, And Communication Of Financial Information

Accounting Is The Measurement, Processing, And Communication Of Financial Information

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Accounting is the measurement, processing, and communication of financial information about economic entities such as businesses and corporations. Accountants do a wide variety of activities such as preparing financial statements and record business transactions, including calculating costs and gains from technologies, engaging in strategies for mergers and acquisitions, quality management, developing and using information systems to track financial performance, and tax strategy. All businesses need some type of accountant or an accountant assistant. My grandparents own their own business, and my grandmother is the accountant. One day I will like to be my grandmother’s assistant in accounting with the business.
I have been told that I am bad at math. This is exactly why I always tried harder at math, because I did not want this to be my downfall. The better I became at math, the more I realized that I could actually do it. I also realized that it helped me focus better on other things as well. This happened because I was constantly having to apply myself. Being able to focus and apply myself enabled me to excel in other things in my life as well. My goal is to become an accountant and provide information about the importance of accounting and how it is a career for anyone to get into.
My goals for this career contains a list of things. I would like to work my way up the ladder quickly. I want to become an accountant in a very high and well known business like Aflac or TSYS. For the mean time I would like to work as my grandmother’s assistant in accounting at the business that my family owns. While I work in my grandparents business I want to learn a lot more things about accounting before I do go off to a higher company, ...

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...eve my goals for my career. My classes like economics, calculus, and algebra have started my basic knowledge off for this job. I will be taking the higher levels of these classes in college before I do any internships for accounting so that my knowledge is at a higher level.
I want to further my career as an accountant because I want to learn how the numbers and money work in a business. I want to further my knowledge in the basics of math that will help with any other career if I decide in the future to change my career. Since an accountant is always needed, this career will also give me a stable career for most of my working life. This career is a very fast progressing job, so I will be able to climb the ladder of this career quickly. Every business needs some form of an accountant or an accountant assistant there is a high rate for accountants in the work force.

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