The Differences Of Public Accounting Vs. Private Accounting

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Accounting is very important to the world, both public and private accounting firms have one goal: financial stability. There are differences between both firms, however, it can be proven that public firms are better than private firms. The Big 4 is a good example of how public firms are more beneficial than private firms. All of these accountants have worked hard by getting there CPA degree. People should choose a public accounting firm over a private firm because a public firm deals with more than one business. Why should you have an accounting degree in the first place? You should have an accounting degree because there are always jobs in this field and the chances you will actually get a job are really high in either public or private accounting firms. People say, having an accounting degree can have 360 different job opportunities. You can work anywhere because everyone needs an accountants from in businesses, for the Government, or even by yourself the options are unlimited. If you do want to work for an accounting firm they would be public and private firms. A public firm does auditing, taxing, advisory, and consulting services. Examples of public firms would be The Big Four (Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young, and KPMG). A…show more content…
To get the CPA you have to have 150 hours in a college in order to be able to take the exam. Usually the accounting degree is about 124 hour so what people usually do is either double major or have a minor in something or get there master degree in accounting so they can get there 150 hours to take their exam. There are four different parts to this exam which are: Financial, Auditing, Regulation and Business. Depending on who you talk to for when you should take the CPA exam it could be right after college or after two years of working for a firm. Also you have 18 months to complete the rest of the exams and if you fail a part of the exam you have to retake

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