Pursuing a Career as an Accountant

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Accountants are becoming a needed job in the business industry and play a very important role in the success of many businesses. This job usually requires at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting and sometimes even a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). There are many other things that are needed to be considered before choosing this career. The job environment, education, skills, and benefits are just some of the many things that need to be thought through before considering this career. An accountant makes sure that the Nation’s firms are run efficiently, the public records are kept accurately, and that taxes are paid properly and on time (“Accountants and Auditors”). Accounting is the study of how a business tracks their income, assets, expenses, and many other things for a period of time. They also do many other things like quality management, tax strategy, and health care benefits management (“Welcome to Careers in Accounting”). An accountant is crucial to the success of a business, without one the business tends to fail. The job environment for an accountant would be mostly done in a typical office setting (“Accountants and Auditors”). Some people may be able to work from their homes, or if the business has more than one facility they might have to travel to the different facilities (“Accountants and Auditors”). The typical hours for an accountant depend on what type of accounting they do. The normal hours for a week are between 40-50 hours, but a tax & financial and auditors may put in 70 hours in a week (“Welcome to Careers in Accounting”). Individuals would also be working as a team with others on an important account or on financial statements (“Welcome to Careers in Accounting”). Some qualifications fo... ... middle of paper ... ... degree in accounting. I think that family members have also been a big influence on my decision to pursue a career in the business of accounting. Accounting is something that I have come to enjoy and seem to know a great deal about and like to continue learning and doing. Works Cited "Accountants." WISCareers. University Of Wisconsin System Board of Regents, 2009. Web. 20 Nov. 2009. . "Accountants and Auditors." U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. U.S. Department Of Labor, 18 Dec. 2007. Web. 20 Nov. 2009. . "Welcome to Careers in Accounting." Accounting Jobs from Careers-in-Accounting.com. Ed. Phil Drake, Randy Beatty, and Howard Bunsis. 2009. Web. 20 Nov. 2009. . Mrs. Perry. Personal Interview. 17 Nov. 2009.
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