Essay On Challenges Of Accounting

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Accounting dates back as far as first centuries, is the language of business. As everything has gone through many changes, accounting has also changed many times through out the centuries. It went from the use of abacus to the most advanced softwares, and computers. With these drastic improvements nowadays accounting, financial accounting and management are facing big challenges. From the presentation of the reports to communication to the users, investors, and owners, the accounting field has gained totally a new shape from two decades ago. Today with the dynamic change in every aspect of life, the accounting field has to act fast and be able to adapt these new changes and challenges in order to survive.
Technology has added many advantages
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Accountants are able to make better decisions and direct business owners better on how to grow their businesses. Individuals have also benefited from the technology; one can easily access to their bank information and keep track of their expenses. Technology helped accountants eliminate papers, pens, calculations, errors and time. Today, with the help of computers, printers everything is being done faster and with very little mistakes. As technology grew, accountants have been introduced to new equipments, software, Internet based communication systems and better security systems. Most of the accountants have computers, printers, and fax machines in the offices. Everything is being calculated, stored, and organized in the computerized programs. Time is very valuable for everybody; with these inventions accountants accomplish their job responsibilities much better and faster. One does not need to travel long distances to provide finance reports; instead they can easily connect to each other via Internet and provide their results online. Beside Internet, accountants also can fax over the document to the firms they…show more content…
Increased competitions and high expectations of the companies have put high pressure on the accountants. Making the most accurate decisions and helping the companies maximize their financial performances have become almost basics of the accountants’ duties. Many business owners question why they need to seek the services of an accountant when they can do many things themselves with the help of the technological tools. Today, an accountant must provide more than what technology can do for the company. They have to set business plans, goals and provide guide to achieve them with less cost and most profit. They have to advise business on their investments and project the most profitable decisions for the company. Beside the investments, accountants expected to consult the firms on their consolidations with other firms. Making decisions and researches on reducing costs, and sharing resource while providing variety of offerings puts lots of stress on the
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