Essay on The Abuse And Inhumane Actions

Essay on The Abuse And Inhumane Actions

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Imagine being trapped, abused, cramped, and caged all for the sake of either having your stripped flesh spoiled in a store, or thrown into the trash. Animals endure such conditions in factory farms across the world, suffering because so many people turn a blind eye to the things going on within the establishments that supply the world’s meat. It is not common knowledge for people to know about the abuse and inhumane actions that occur in these facilities, which are often called slaughterhouses and factory farms, but it should be. The conditions of animals and the incidents involving the well-being of the workers in these horrid affairs need to be known to the public and be shut down, even if most people would rather be kept in the dark about these types of controversies.
All of the animals in these situations do not deserve to be pushed to the side and ignored. Society needs to take a stand to stop the cruelty happening. “Each year, billions of farmed animals are subjected to extreme confinement, mutilations without painkillers, and a violent slaughter.” The public should be made aware of the animal cruelty taking place within the factory farms that distribute food products to millions of families around the world. If not for the animals, but for the sake of the well-being of their families. Many animals are injected will antibiotics and other chemicals to make them grow faster or with more meat on their bodies. This is unhealthy for the animals; so how can it be healthy for human consumption? That is no something someone should want to knowingly put into their bodies.
The crimes dealt towards the animals that are mainly used in the factory farms industry have recently been more frequently reported than earlier years where most ...

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...mals? There are better job opportunities that provide way better conditions than these, by creating more work on nicely organized and animal-friendly farms, the conditions would be improved immensely for both workers and animals alike.
There is no point in causing the animals and workers to suffer in such harsh conditions that are present in these facilities for the pleasure of meat on one’s table. Households deserve food that has not been force fed antibiotics nor that have lived most their life covered in their own feces. These issues need to be addressed in order to remove all of the immense health and environmental problems that are connect with the factory farms as well as informing the public of the sketchy behavior of what actually happened in these businesses. Actions need to be taken in order to make animal farming safe and healthy for all that are involved.

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