Abortions Should Be Allowed For Rape Victims Essay

Abortions Should Be Allowed For Rape Victims Essay

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Abortion is one of the most debatable subjects in our society. There are many different points of views when it comes to this sensitive topic. Initially when I started researching the topic I was almost certain that I would fall into the category of Pro-life individuals. However, after thinking long and hard and taking rape into consideration I have to say my views have changed completely. Although I am still against abortion, I think there should be certain exceptions made for women who are sexually assaulted and become pregnant from the rape. Hopefully after reading the research information I am providing, you will also take into consideration an abortion in the event of rape.
To be raped is to be sexually assaulted forcefully and unwillingly. According to the Uniform Crime reports, of all serious offenses, rape is probably “the most under reported crime.” Victims of rape are not only violated physically, they are violated mentally as well. It is a very traumatic experience that woman have to deal with for the remainder of their life. They usually incur symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome, stress disorders, fear, constant memories of the attack, a loss of confidence, and shame. (Mary E. Williams) These effects alter the victim’s life severely and can interfere with their day to day life and relationships. Being raped is a horrific crime that no woman should ever have to endure. In many cases victims of rape may become impregnated by the perpetrator leaving the victim to another form of violation. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, at least 9,100 abortions each year are attributed to pregnancies that occur because of forced sexual intercourse. (Irin Carmon)
The Pro-life view also feels that abortion in the ...

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...arring it completely in the face they don’t know exactly how they will react. . I have never been raped and I can only imagine the effect it would have on me. I hope that in reading this information you will have more of an opened mind to decision of abortion in rape cases.

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