Abortion And Abortion

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Making choices are based on different outcomes and scenarios that would affect people’s lives. Choices could be based on morals or personal views also. People in politics have to make choices every single day, trying to decide on difficult circumstances and daily problems not only based on their views but based on every citizen in the country. A current complication on decision making in politics is on the topic of abortion and the rights women have. There are many controversies on this sensitive topic with people opposing it and others for it. Either way, the way people decide upon their choice is based on their views and the outcomes from making the choice they make. Personally, I believe people today should look more into this matter and consider what is right, especially basing their choice on the morals they have. Many politicians have discussed the problem with innumerable disagreements and the difficultly on the solution of the dilemma. No matter what choice they make, there will always be somebody who is displeased with the decision. On August 2, 2013, Bob Burnett wrote in The Huffington Post on the subject, titling the article “Abortion Politics.” In the article he talks about the attitudes and the political stands on the matter. According to him, polls haven’t changed since 1973 on how over fifty percent of women support abortion but under certain circumstances will they be able to have the option. People prefer women to wait a certain amount of weeks to make a final decision. Another Article written on November 13, 2013, by an author by the name of Shannon Bream, writes about an incident in Texas in The Fox News Network. She titles the article “Supreme Court Refuses to Block Texas Abortion Restrictions.” Texas law req... ... middle of paper ... ...ooses to dis-own her own child either way. If a women is raped, proper medical care would ensure them that they will not get pregnant. Abortion is a punishment to an innocent unborn child who contributed nothing in the act of the crime; the perpetrator should be the one to be punished. On this topic, it does have something to do with my religious views. Either way, people should understand and realize that this is completely and visibly just plain murder. How would you feel if your own mother decided to have an abortion on you? I think people do have the right to choose what to do with their own body, but they should not only just think about their selves in the matter. The choices you make can affect you in every way, past or present, mentally or physically. The controversy over abortion all depends on your choice only and the way you personally view this dispute.
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