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A Welcome On The United States Essay

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Welcome to Earth
The United States is the battlefield of one of the most dangerous battles that society has known to date. Lives are being dominated by advertising, a force that is both incredibly strong, and quite adept at disappearing in plain sight. There have been various attempts to calculate just how much Americans are exposed to advertising media but the most accepted value, as put forth by award winning author David Shenk, is give or take 3000 messages a day. This number is growing exponentially, leading to and increasing various negative effects. The growth and change of advertising media has led to a society in which people look down on themselves for being normal, and where greed is the answer to everything. Corporate advertisers are manipulating not only children, but adults as well through the use of subliminal messaging, all in the name of profit. Though it is a billion dollar industry, the financial gains that come with advertising media are not worth the major detriments it causes our society. To continue it is not free speech and if anything it tramples on American rights. In order to stop the negative effects of advertising on society, the general public must become informed on the complex tactics and manipulations advertisers are using on the American people and action must be taken to regulate these entities.
Advertising as it is generally known started just over a century ago. Beginning with the simple sale of products through strict informative formats. This market grew exponentially and is now huge industry that has moved on to sell ideas, norms, and even certain values.
A good example of this was found after doing some cursory research on the Coca-Cola advertising campaign. It was quickly apparent just...

... middle of paper ...

...pulation is not worth the downsides it is causing society. There is a time and place for capitalism, and this is not the place. Along with that it is not free speech in any form, and even if there was a base for that argument to stand, it would still conflict with the rights of Americans as a whole, and are therefore wrong.
The only way to fix this issue is if the American people become educated in what advertisers are doing. This must be followed by the most powerful force in our government, the power of the vote. Regulation must be enacted against advertising, be it through the FCC, Congress, or even a whole new department focused strictly on advertising. Whatever entity is given this power must be without corruption, or the whole thing will be for naught. Americans must band together and fix this issue or advertising will continue on the same path it walks today.

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