A Teacher And An Assistant Teacher Essay

A Teacher And An Assistant Teacher Essay

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I observed a teacher and an assistant teacher in class for three to five years old children. When I entered the classroom at 8:30, there were nine students and a parent. A boy was crying next his parent, a girl was drawing, two boys were playing with toy cars, and rest of them were playing blocks. The teacher was talking with the parent, and the assistant teacher were inviting the boy next his parent to play blocks with her and other students. After the boy began to play, she left the table. She walked around, talking and asking some questions to other students. For example, “Are you drawing flowers on your garden?”, “What are you building?”, or “I am glad to see you guys sharing the car.” It would be said that the assistant teacher developed a warm relationship with each child in the classroom through spending time with each child (Bullard, 47), and she employed coaching to teach pro-social skills (Bullard, 45). Soon other students with their parents arrived. The teacher had short conversation with each student and parent who was signing a check-in sheet. The teacher also created a ...

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