A Taste of a Dance and History Essay

A Taste of a Dance and History Essay

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A Taste of Dance and History
What is dance? There are many different definitions of it; one read “a set of lively movement resembling a dance. That once again brings us back to what is dance? To me dance could be as simple as pointing your fingers to a course of intricate rhythms laid down for another to follow. Dance has many steps and turns and could be as complicated as you make it. Dance to me is a expression of one body to a beat. Four different forms thought out the ages will be covered, such forms are Native American dance, dance in politics, ballet and dance and technology. Each form gives you history along with sense of freedom and belonging.
The Native Americans dance for both common amusement and solemn duty. Many dances play roles to religious rituals and other ceremonies; while other are done in hopes to grantee success of the hunt, harvest, giving thanks, and other. The dances usually took place in open fields around a big fire. Sometimes is lead by a chosen leader, a war leader or medicine man. The native Americans right to dance was almost taken away but the natives fought hard to keep it. They had to move ceremonies deep into the heart of reservations to not be seen by governing bodies. Children were snatch from residencies, forced to homes. The native used dance a form of expression and had chosen to not let go. The dance styles usually consist for the purpose of the of oneself or community. They sometimes cover great deals of space with maximum energy or could be the direct opposite. There movements and use of objects could be compared to dance of this generation. With the angles of the foot movement that could be found in what people would call hard style. The natives use these movements in slower mov...

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...the tales of history.
If you are to really break down history, the things that always stick out are there traditions. Dance has been a part of almost every semi primitive civilization. Things such as dance and other traditions, are things that are implemented to keep an society youthful and always growing. Throughout time almost each civilization has had their own form of dance, and for without this we might have lost the knowledge and understanding of the older civilizations. Dance with its usage of different level, energy and space has help us pushing for more to try and perfect our styles or to create something new. Dance keeps us alive and youthful, it’s a form of ecstasy and enjoyment that have helped people throughout history while keeping traditions alive. Dance is enjoyment, dance is history, dance to me is simple whatever you make it and that’s art.

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