A Study Skills That Can Be Useful Essay

A Study Skills That Can Be Useful Essay

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Nowadays there are many people who are going back to study, whether it be improving career possibilities or to change career paths. Therefore, people need to develop different types of study skills to help throughout their learning. In this essay I will be describing a few study skills that could be useful in the path to success during my own studies. I will also be explaining how I will be implementing them into my studies. Also, I will be identify two challenges that I may face during my studies and explaining a few steps that I will use to address them.
One example of a study skill that I will adapt to my own studies will be organization. This is where as a student, I have to organize, the right time, place and conditions for studying that can help benefit towards my learning. O’Hara (2005) states that, “One of the easiest ways to waste time is to be disorganized.”(p.29) For example, organizing a workspace which has all the supplies you need to study and setting up a study planner are both great ways to incorporate the organization skill into your studies. Therefore, I will be implementing this skill into my own studies by creating my own space away from distractions and having everything I need to study such as office supplies, a desk and comfortable chair to use while on the computer. Even having shelving and storage to keep books and notes in an organized way. I am going to buy a wall calendar to help have an overview of each month and what I need done. Also setting up a daily planner that will help me organize my time better and help record important dates such as assessment deadlines. Not only will these steps help me gain more knowledge on how to organize my studies and work it will also help me develop my organizational...

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... One of those steps that I will be using, is to break down your work load into smaller tasks that are manageable and can be prioritized easily. Another of the steps could be to use physical activities to help work off stress, or I could use yoga and breathing exercises to help control stress and helps you to relax. Most importantly, I should talk to someone, whether it be a family member or a friend, I can even talk to the Student Support Team if stress is affecting your studying.
In conclusion, I will be adopting organization and motivation as study skills that I will be using to help me to be successful in my studies. I may also face many challenges during my studies, such as time management and stress which could have a negative effect on my learning. In the end it is up to me to follow the steps of these skills so I can make the most out of my time as a student.

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