A Student Teacher At Grade 1 Essay

A Student Teacher At Grade 1 Essay

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As part of SEDN 683 Practicum II class, I had a privilege to be a student teacher in P.S. 255 located in Brooklyn. The school is a multi-cultural Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 5 elementary school with a diverse population. The students of P.S. 255 speak over thirty-seven languages. The school respects and values similarities as well as differences. The school received an “A” on the progress report for the past seven years. My first hundred hours, I completed as a student teacher at Grade 1 classroom which serves four children with ASDs and twelve typically developed children. It was a Nest Program classroom, Integrated Co-Teaching program (ICT) for higher functioning children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). Nest is not an abbreviation; it just means a safe place. My second hundred hours, I was part of Kindergarten ICT classroom with twenty-four students. Each of the classes was taught by two teachers, a general education teacher and a special education teacher. The Kindergarten classroom was also supported by three paraprofessionals.
As the student teacher, I observed and experienced many problems which are faced by new teachers. These experiences along with the courses which I took in my Master in Science in Education and Special Education, Birth - Grade 2, at Touro College, have shaped my philosophy of education and have been of value to my professional growth and development as a new teacher. It was a very valuable experience when my Practicum professor, Dr. Le-Nora Jones McBeth came to observe two lessons that I was teaching for my SEDN 683 Practicum II class. My first lesson was an ELA lesson for Grade 1 about the Frog Life Cycle. In my lesson, the students identified and labeled frog body parts such as tongue, body, skin...

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...chers are very different from the experiences of teachers in the past. We are no longer make decisions without being able to talk over them with other educators and it is especially relevant in ICT classrooms. While starting to teach, every new teacher will find herself/himself involved with collaborative groups. This fact will allow the new teacher to grow professionally as she/he solves problems in the classroom. According to Thompson (2013, p. 1), “Effective teamwork skills that make it easier to work productively with colleges play a more important role that even before in the lives of today’s educators.” However, I understand that teamwork can also become a serious problem which the new teacher can face and their first problem. According to Fry (2007), “Novice teachers often struggle during the transition from being students of teaching to teachers of students.

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