A Student Guide For Making Smart Educational Choices Essay

A Student Guide For Making Smart Educational Choices Essay

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Why Do I have to Take This Course?

Abdullah Almuayli
Park University

A Student Guide to Making Smart Educational Choices
‘Why do I take I take this course’ is an educational book guide written by Robert Schoenberg. In today’s society, different practices and quick returns exist. These practices do not add additional requirements to coursework as students start their university careers. According to warner (2009) in his article, a comparative analysis on general education is essential in providing students with basic requirements and right qualifications for graduation. Therefore, giving help to students in order to understand the importance of education and make the smart choices is a major concern that every academic adviser should strive to support. Also, providing students with the right information gives them ability to make smart choices in their life careers.
This book is generally written for students to help them in making smart educational choices. However, the author also acknowledges and believes that the book can be useful to parents and academic advisers. The guide basically covers major chapters that provide useful information to general education in areas such as communication, citizenship and critical thinking. It also provides basic concepts for making better choices and explains the underlying issues that offer sense of purpose to students. In the past many students did not know the importance of classes they were doing. Today, these barriers have increasingly been broken by people through questioning their importance and contribution in general education i.e. anthropology, ...

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...ude: organization relations, critical thinking, communication, and skills.

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