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A Short Story : Joyce Carol Oates Essays

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Abigail Kaffenberger
English 111
27 November 2017
Joyce Carol Oates
In many of Joyce Carol Oates short stories, she expresses her emotions from dealing with a tragic childhood, and trying to combine the natural world to what it really means. She wanted her stories to feel real by writing about society and people today, that others could connect with.
After reading numerous short stories written by Oates, I believe people can relate and connect with her more emotionally with how she uses real life events become so realistic.
Oates was born on June 16, 1983 in Lockport, New York. Her early years were sometimes tough as she grew up on a farm, but that did not stop her from reading and writing. At a young age, Oates developed such a passion for writing and said she could never put a book down. When she got in her teenage years, she received her first typewriter and her parents showered her with unconditional love and support for her choice of a career, as she started writing throughout high school and college.
She attended Syracuse University, which she earned a scholarship to, and won the college short story contest. She graduated as valedictorian in 1960 with a degree in English. Oates then started teaching at the University of Detroit in 1961, and then after a couple of years, she decided to work at the University of Windsor. After several years of teaching and receiving her master of arts degree, she made the decision to put teaching aside and focus on being a writer.

One of Oates famous short stories is “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”, which she published in 1966. This short story was dedicated to Bob Dylan and after she had listened to one of his songs, “It’s All Over Now...

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... confused and feels like a outsider after Zachary's death. This story is significant and has a lot of meaning to it because Sunny realizes that she is now in the real world and has to deal with responsibilities and the heartache that comes with it.
All of these stories have a great examples of what Oates is portraying by using real life examples and bringing them to life. In “Where are you going, Where have you been”, she writes about kidnapping and abduction, which is a big deal in the world today. There are many children and teens getting kidnapped every day and it is an issue that needs to be known. In “Life After High School” it shows how people need to stop hiding from reality and face it. Many people are scared to do things just because they care what other people think about them. If you mask something too long, it can end up being very destructive.

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