Kate Chopin's Story Of An Hour

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In the story of an hour, Kate Chopin uses many literary devices. Imagery, irony and symbolism makes the story interesting and the ending of the story raises many question came to my mind? How can such an event take so little time? What is the significant of that one hour? What does her heart trouble symbolize? These are some questions that came across my mind and the beauty of her writing is the symbolism and ironies she used and readers can have different interpretation. What inspires her to write the story? As I read her biography I concluded that her personal life and experiences. she mentions that she started to write after her husband’s death. Which indicates that she was not allowed to write before and when in the story her husband…show more content…
The situational irony is that his name was on the list and louis sees his name and tell the news to Mrs. Mallard’s sister. She locks herself in room and her sister think she is in pain but she was dreaming of her life is going to be great without her husband. The dramatic irony is her death in the end. As a reader I knew she dies because of the shock seeing her husband but the characters think she died because of joy. She was happy that he died and she wishes for a long life but sadly she dies.
She also uses imagery beautifully. The spring life, twittering birds, open window, delicious breath of rain, all these symbolize a new beginning and rebirth. Chopin also creates the storm and gloomy weather to show death and mourning. She acted as she cares about him as expectations of people around her. I believe that she never wanted him dead or wanted to kill him but as it happened she takes as an opportunity. Kate Chopin tells the story using a lot of symbolism and she uses irony to raise the concern of a married women who has experienced oppression. She is raising an issue and she tells the readers that women shouldn’t experience what Mrs. Mallard did and shouldn’t be trapped in the intuition of marriage and follows the rules that society has made only for women. Her use of literary devices makes the story more interesting and meaningful. Which is why this story should be in American literature
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