Essay about A Short Note On Intercontinental Hotels Group ( Ihg )

Essay about A Short Note On Intercontinental Hotels Group ( Ihg )

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InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is the largest hotels group company worldwide and one of the leading company in the hospitality industry. This assignment will analyse IHG in twelve contexts: how it started as a brewery and moved to hotels and the hospitality industry, the number of branches they have and where they are situated, how the company helps the environment as well as how they embrace new technology and develop the industry, the rules or code of conduct that all employees should learn, what the group does to help and improve the local community and people, as well as some of the bad news that could damage this company, the main offices that control the branches and hotels, and finally, the final report from last year, 2015.
Background, Locations, and Environmental Sustainability

In 1777, William Bass built a brewery in Burton-On-Trent. Located 142 miles away from London, the Bass industry developed from one talented brewer. In 1960, Bass was acquired famous territorial brewing companies. Then, in 1988, it became a group called Bass Group; the group had moved to the worldwide hotel industry, buying Holiday Inn international. Moreover, they launched Crown Plaza hotels in 1994. 2000 was a turning point for the group, and they were acquiring Southern Pacific Hotels Corporation (SPHC) in Australia with Bristol Hotels & Resorts in the United States of America. Furthermore, Bass sold Brewers to a Belgian brewer for 2.3 billion pounds, and they changed the group name from Bass Group to Six Continents. Finally, in 2003, the label of the group changed to InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG, 2015). The headquarter of IHG was in Denham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (Google, 2015). IHG has eight hotel brands: St...

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...Asia, Middle East, and Africa; finally, the Chinese market only made 11%. The full year dividend is increasing 10% to 58 pence (IHG, 2016).
IHG is a part of the hospitality industry; it made an enormous step for the development of the hotels and resorts sector, and this is not exempt from the presence of some mistakes in the operation and administration. Hotels and resorts division display the same product, but also how to attract people to come and stay in this hotel or resort. In this industry, there is an increase in the demand and competition. The nearest competitor of IHG in the industry of hotels and resorts is the Hilton Worldwide company where it began closer to the largest hotel group difference of 562 hotels for IHG which is the most massive hotel group company. The question is can IHG continue sitting on top of the largest hotels group or not.

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