A Short Note On Diabetes And Chronic Diseases Essay

A Short Note On Diabetes And Chronic Diseases Essay

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Epidemiology Final Paper
Princy Thapaliya
Envm 510
22nd October 2016

1. Chronic diseases are the type of diseases that stays for the long period or keeps coming back. Chronic diseases cannot be treated or prevented from any medications. According to the Centers for diseases control and prevention (CDC) chronic diseases are the leading causes for the deaths in United States. As of in 2012, at least 50 % of the adults have at least one chronic diseases and 25% of the adults have the more than two chronic diseases. (CDC, 2015). This study shows that how the serious problem can the chronic diseases be.
One of the most serious issue in 2012 and further more and can’t be most prevalent chronic diseases not only in United States but throughout the whole world is diabetes. There is no only one cause of diabetes. High blood glucose level is also observed by diabetic patients called hyper hyperglycemia (CDC, 2015).diabetes is caused mainly by the inadequate production of insulin or the less sensitivity of cell to the action against insulin.
The symptoms and of both of the diabetes include the increase in urine output, less appetite as well. Glucose testing is done to examine the presence of glucose level in the blood. The mode of the treatment usually depends on the type of the diabetes. The over level of diabetes can cause the damage of eye, kidneys, nerve and the heart as well. Several pathogenic processes are involved in the development of diabetes (WHO, 2004). The very first is the breakdown of the β- cells of the pancreas with constant insulin deficiency to abnormalities.
Insulin is a hormone that are produce by the pancreas to control ...

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... 1% or skim milk should be used.
7. Exercise at least 30min in a day to keep yourself healthy.

1. Monitoring blood sugar
The regular interval of the time check of the sugar level must be done for all diabetic patients and we can be alert in time.

2. Medication on time
Not only has the exercise, the regular medication on time also helped to lower the risk.
The possible medication or treatment for type 2 diabetes includes the following:
a) Sulfonylureas
This drugs help human body to secret more insulin in the body and helps to reduce diabetes problem.
b) Meglitinides
These medication do not stay active in the body and lowers the blood sugar.
c) Insulin therapy
It is the best medicine provide in the forms of injection to reduce blood sugar.

The following figure gives us the clear vision to have healthy food .

Fig 1. Dietary chart for diabetes patient


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