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  • Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

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    Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) is a chronic disease that is modifiable and preventable through diet and exercise. The incidence of T2DM is propagated by a sedentary lifestyle and excessive caloric intake. Maintenance of a desirable body weight, diet, and exercise are the mainstay therapy for T2DM (Buttaro, Trybulski, Bailey, & Sanberg-Cook, 2013). I have chosen Shannon, a 30 year old single African American female who is newly diagnosed with T2DM for my health promotion paper. Shannon is obese

  • Differentiating Between Type 1 and 2 Diabetes Mellitus

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    Introduction Diabetes Mellitus is a disease of the endocrine system primarily differentiated between type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin and was previously seen in the younger generation which is no longer the case.1 Type 2 diabetes is the more prevalent of the two types and involves elevated blood sugar levels due to the insufficient production of insulin. Risk factors that make an individual higher risk for type 2 diabetes include increasing

  • Liraglutide: Novel Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

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    (LexiComp, 2014). These medications mimic the actions of endogenous GLP-1. Endogenous GLP-1 is secreted from the L-cells in the colon and ileum in response to the ingestion of nutrients (Ryan, Foster, & Jobe, 2011, p. 794). GLP-1 has a half-life of 2 minutes due to the action of the DPP-4 enzymes. GLP-1 agonists overcome this issue by having an altered structure that renders them less susceptible to DPP-4 enzymatic degradation thus prolonging the effects of GLP-1 (ADA, 2014, p. 621). The first

  • The Role of DPP-4 Inhibitors in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

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    As the incidence of type 2 diabetes is steadily increasing, the demand for treatment options is increasing. Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors (DPP-4) are a new class of oral anti-hyperglycemic medications that target the incretin system found in the gut. Evidence has shown that treatment with DPP-4 inhibitors has shown significant reductions in HbA1c and increased pancreatic β-cell function without an increased risk of hypoglycemia. In this document, the pharmacology, clinical efficacy, and incidence

  • Study on Diabetic Patients' Knowledge of Their Disease

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    A stady wes cundactid tu miesari doebitoc petoints’ knuwlidgi ebuat typi 2 doebitis, ots cumplocetouns end tu odintofy thior biloifs rigerdong ots pridospusong fecturs, tugithir woth odintofyong thior prectocis un espicts riletid tu silf-ceri menegimint. Cruss–sictounel sarviy wes cundactid. Cunvinoint mithud uf semplong wes eduptid. Thi stady oncladid ell edalts (≥18 yier) typi 2 doebitoc petoints whu riciovid midocel ceri on doebitoc cintirs on huspotels end promery hielth ceri sittongs on thi

  • Diabetes Essay

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    INTRODUCTION Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorders which is characterized by hyperglycemia due to insulin deficiency or resistance or both reasons. (1) According to that diabetes mellitus can be divided as type I and type II. This is common and its incidence is rising, 171 million people had diabetes in 2000 it is expected this condition to be doubled in 2030. It is spread in all the countries and therefore has become a major burden upon healthcare facilities. (2) “To manage diabetes, patients

  • 1339

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    hypoglycaemic but it contributes to a decrease in hypoglycemic influence of Pioglitazone. Results have indicated the negative influence of Gymnema sylvestre on pharmacokinetics but positive influence on pharmacodynamics of Pioglitazone. Key words: Diabetes, glucose, Gymnema sylvestre, Pioglitazone, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. INTRODUCTION Many medicinal herbal and pharmaceutical drugs are therapeutic at one dose and toxic at another dose. Interactions between herbal and pharmaceutical drugs

  • diabetes

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    population have diabetes (Statistics about Diabetes). There are so many people that are diagnosed with diabetes, everyday no matter the age. For many diabetes can be controlled or prevent just by eating right and being active. While there is no cure for Type 1 diabetes, it may be possible to make the chance less likely to be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes by knowing what diabetes has been, ways diabetes can be accumulated, the preventions of diabetes and the different types of diabetes. Diabetes is known

  • Endocrine System and Metabolic Processes

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    replacement or supplemental therapy in patients with hypothyroidism. Cytomel comes in many strength like 5, 25, 50 mcg. Antidiabetic Agents used to lower blood glucose levels in treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetic mellitus. Type 1 is insulin dependent diabetes (IDDM), type 2 is noninsulin dependent diabetes (NIDDM). There are multiple drugs that treat hypertension and here are some of them.

  • The Disproportionate Burden of Diabetes in the Latino Community

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    The emergence of type-2 diabetes mellitus within the last few decades is a major contributor to the growing rates of morbidity and mortality in the US and globally. The diabetes epidemic at the global level is attributed to changes in food consumption, lack of physical exercise, and a lifestyle often characterized as “western,” (Wolfs 2009) referring to the high-caloric diets and behavioral qualities of populations in developed countries such as the United States and Europe. The number of people