A Research Study On Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Asd ) Essay

A Research Study On Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Asd ) Essay

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Difficulties in communication can be helped by using Nonverbal way to understand the child or person with ASD. For example Timetable of routine at school.

Social stories to change behaviour, use of rewards system, positive behaviour support

Social Interaction
Social skills programs which can helpful for child to develop skills like playing, having conversations and social awareness in society. For example the manner in which to greet people

None of the above

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be diagnosed by specialised people like Neurologists, psychologist and other experts. Family members or specialist can help teachers and other staff members can assist with diagnose. Doctors look at the child behaviour and development to make diagnosed and this may be different from child to child as per condition (mild to severe).

There is no specific test available for diagnose of ASD. Diagnosis is based on inspecting child’s behaviour while playing, interacting with child, interviewing parents about the behaviour of child at home or school and reviewing by child’s past history. Most often a board of specialists is formed to diagnose a child with ASD. The board may consist of neurologists, paediatricians, psychologists and other experts. Process of diagnosis may differ from child to child depends on condition like mild to severe.

1908: The word ‘autism’ is normally used to express the division of ‘schizophrenic patients’ who were particularly reserved and egoistic.

1943: The term "autism" was first used in 1943 by Dr Leo Kanner. He examined a group of children in his clinic and published a published a paper. All these childre...

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...llow teacher to give attention to other children. In short Disruptive behaviour is a behaviour that distracts a teacher and students from studying and learning. For example eating in the class, playing with equipments, singing etc. In short, child refused to follow instruction in disruptive behaviour.
Behaviours of concern definition

Behaviour of concern means harming to other person or destroying property which leads to risk of harm to person. For example throwing stuff in anger, damaging school’s property or appliances etc.

In my opinion, behaviour of concern deal with physical risk to the children and other people while disruptive behaviour is associated with brain or mood swing. Clearly, we can say that behaviours of concern is more dangerous compare to disruptive behaviour because it involves physical damage to the person, child or property,

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