Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Autism Spectrum Disorders
Autism numbers are on the rise in the U.S and more and more cases of autism are being diagnosed each day. Many parents are unaware that they have a child with autism. Signs of autism are not easily detected so, parents who suspect that they may have a child with developmental delays or a child with autism would have a hard time distinguishing autism from other developmental problems. There are no specific causes or cures for autism but with today’s technology that just might change.
“Autism is not just one disorder, but a spectrum of closely related disorders with a shared core of symptoms” (Help guide 2013). Though it may vary in each person, autism effects the emotional, empathy, communication, flexible behavior and social skills. Autism also varies on the level of disability from one person to another, one child may show severe signs while the other you barely notice have this disorder. Sign and symptoms of autism are often ignored and passed off as a slight delay, and believe the child will grow out of it. When a child is seeming to lack socialization skills, not able to communicate, or show strange repetitive behavior continuously; the child should be tested. There is not a pin pointed cause of ASD, but it many researchers believe it has something to do with defected genes or incomplete development of the baby’s brain. (Proctor, Young- Adams 2013) If autism is caught when it in its very early stages it make a big difference and may help improve cognitive and social skills. More test are being added to the testing of the autism diagnostic schedule to ideally detect the disorder at around eighteen months. (NIH 2013) Mainly autism is diagnosed in two category, autistic (classic autism) or autism ...

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...en the same age, but they become frightened of having their child labeled and what others are going to say. If a child is suspected to have autism, then the process should be taken very seriously to either rule out autism or make a definite diagnosis and get treatment started.

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