A Report On Domestic Violence Incident Essay examples

A Report On Domestic Violence Incident Essay examples

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The first important development in this case to underscore as a lawyer contacted by the perpetrator of this domestic violence incident is that a fuzzy surveillance videotape has already been aired on major news outlets. This means my client, this entertainment celebrity figure, has been basically caught in the act on the videotape committing domestic violence against his wife, a high ranking government official. This videotape has already been broadcasted on major news outlets. Due to the notoriety of both people, my client, as an entertainment celebrity figure, and his wife, a high ranking government official, this kind of news story has been given widespread coverage obviously. One of my assumptions is that these major news outlets who have the videotape are able to boost their ratings through repeating showings of the domestic violence incident, which only intensifies the appearance of guilt for my client in a very public manner. Yet, in my conversations with my client, he has acknowledged to me he has done a wrong and has accepted responsibility for it (Taft, 2000). This constitutes what is an apology on his behalf. It shifts my focus as his lawyer from any private moral concerns to strategic maneuvers that can be undertaken to minimize his legal consequences.
He has clarified to me that he desires to hold a press conference as soon as possible to issue a statement of apology. Yet, it is my legal duty to ensure this client is truly contrite and desires to issue an authentic apology, since any type of staged apology in an effort for him to salvage his celebrity reputation is a moral wrong (Taft, 2000). It would have legal consequences for this client as well. One of my biggest concerns as a lawyer after this initial conversati...

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...is victim, his wife. A failed apology is called this because it never achieves forgiveness from the victim or victims. This is why to serve my client’s best interests, a failed apology has to be avoided at all costs.
An authentic apology can be viewed then as a moral dialectic between the transgressor who did wrong expressing genuine regret, remorse, and sorrow for what occurred, and that in turn provides the context so forgiveness can be expressed by the victim in response (Taft, 2000). In contrast, a failed apology can provoke anger and outrage in the victim, and create conditions that make the acceptance of an authentic apology that much more difficult if not impossible. In this situation for my client, his victim, his wife, has not only endured the personal pain and humiliation from the incident of domestic violence, but also has to deal with the videotape being

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