The Effects Of Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is a major problem in the United States. When most people think of domestic violence, they think of one person beating the other person in a relationship. Webster defines domestic violence as “the inflicting of physical injury by one family or household member on another.” Domestic violence has a major effect on children. Some people say that the violence has no effect, while others argue that the violence has a negative effect on children. Domestic violence scars children for the rest of their lives. Once children witness the act of violence, they are more likely to have problems throughout the rest of their lives. Domestic Violence has a negative effect on the way children behave, the way they learn, the careers they choose,…show more content…
Moylan states, “The effects of being abused persist into adolescence; teens who were abused as children are more likely to experience depression and other internalizing problems” (pg. 54). A lot of children that have been exposed to domestic violence are often sad. They are depressed. Most people who have been depressed have been tempted to do bodily harm or commit suicide. Most depressed children are depressed from fear that they may be next, or they may be the one being abused. Moylan also states, “Teens who were abused as children are also more likely to exhibit externalizing behavior problems, such as delinquency and violence perpetration” (pg. 54). The children that are acting out are taking their anger out on other people or other things. They feel like they are being abused so it is okay for them to hurt others. Most children that have been exposed are more likely to be in some kind of trouble with the law. They are crying for help and looking for attention. Domestic violence has a very negative effect on the way children behave. However, other people believe that children will just use that excuse just to try to get away with committing crimes. They believe that the child would probably do the same thing even if they were not exposed to the violence. The sad truth is that the children need help and they need to be removed from the violent environment…show more content…
The article “The Direct and Indirect Effects of Domestic Violence On Young Children 's Intellectual Functioning” states that “child witnesses (ages 4-9; n = 38) had significantly more learning problems according to maternal report than a control group of children (n ^ 42) from similar backgrounds who had experienced recent stressful nonviolent events” (Huth-Bocks, pg. 272). A lot of the kids who are exposed to the violence need a little extra help learning than those who have not been exposed. Kids that are exposed probably have a very short attention span. However, other people would argue that the children that are exposed just do not want to learn. Studies show that “current domestic violence had a direct effect on children 's verbal abilities” (Huth-Bocks, pg. 280). Domestic violence exposure can hinder a child from speaking properly, which makes it more difficult for the child to be able to learn. When a child cannot speak, they probably do not understand what other people could be saying to them. They may not be able to understand simple commands, so they would not be able to learn like other kids who are not exposed to violence. However, people claim that children who have verbal issues were probably just born like that. They may claim that the child may have a brain malfunction so they are not able to learn. Children who are exposed are not getting as much attention, or
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