Domestic Violence Case Study

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Domestic violence can be described as any form of abuse towards a victim, whether physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, psychological, or economical. The stakeholders in such violence are the abuser(s), the victim(s) and the bystander(s), all of whom are affected in some form or another by the abuse. For further clarity, domestic violence in this discussion refers to situations where the principle stakeholders, i.e. abuser and victim are in a relationship, for example partners, co-workers or friends. Domestic violence affects all stakeholders, not only the victim but the abuser and bystanders, and it can be easily prevented. Abuse has affects in the workplace just as much as it affects any other environment. It can be an inconvenience in workplace productivity as it…show more content…
Co-workers can be affected by workplace violence by being put in a situation that makes working difficult or uncomfortable for them. This can affect their attendance to go to work every day, or even getting their tasks done efficiently. If the abuse is coming from a superior such as a boss or manager, it can make the employee fearful, stressed out and even anxious. They could be worried they’ll lose their employment for no reason at all, or even make them feel as though their workplace is unbearable. In the workplace the manager should be the one leading and helping the employees succeed. If the manager is hurtful towards their employees, through words or actions, they are not only harming the employee but also damaging the efficiency and productivity of the office as a whole. They damage their office in such a respect because the harm inflicted upon the employee effects their working progress negatively. As a whole the abuser in most workplace violence situations can be looked at as the ‘manager’. They are the one managing and controlling the situation in a negative
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