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and quickly, they created the intranet. This is different than the internet in the sense that, “the internet is an open, public space, while an intranet is designed to be a private space” (AllBusiness Editors). Therefore, it made communication a strength for Allied countries which helped the war effort greatly. This would later turn into the development of the internet where everyone has the ability to stay interconnected. Just like the Intranet, after the great wars the airplane changed functions. The structure of the aircraft was significantly improved because, “by the end of the Second World War, piston engines could no longer keep up with advances in aircraft design” (Military Aviation) which was holding back their potential. Engineers had to create something new, and out of that came the jet engine. It was much more powerful than a propeller or piston engine and allowed aircrafts to reach record speeds. Scientists and engineers need for speed grew to a point in which they broke the sound barrier in 1947. Supersonic flight became the norm for war jet fighters, but still they had to perfect the shape of the aircraft as it would sometimes breakdown in midair going at those speeds. The technological advancement they made for this was that the, “aircraft designers built planes with all-moving tail pieces that presented more surface area to the oncoming airflow. The change allowed the pilots to better retain control as they approached supersonic speeds” (Military Aviation). All of these developments occurred because we needed to become better, faster, and stronger to win the war. But, a huge leap in technological advancements occurred at the end of World War II with the destroyer of worlds.
“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of...

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...uitous four-wheel-drive sports utility vehicles produced and marketed by automakers worldwide” (Bailey). If it weren’t for the need of technological advancements, we probably wouldn’t have half the cars we have available for us in today’s society. The need for an off-roading vehicle (the jeep) inadvertently led to the development of other strong, tough, and durable automobiles that we see on the roads today.
During the wars, all car companies basically stopped production and focused efforts on producing anything and everything the soldiers needed for war. From bullets to tanks, car company factories did everything they could to help their boys out over seas. But, even before the war, and even before, “the automobile, people both lived in the city and worked in the city, or lived in the country and worked on a farm” (The Impact of the Automobile on the 20th Century).

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