A Pretty Shitty Holiday - Original Writing Essay

A Pretty Shitty Holiday - Original Writing Essay

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So this is turning out to be a pretty shitty Thanksgiving. I feel like I’m at your house this year, because all my family is doing is fighting over stupid stuff like your family usually does on holidays. First of all, as you could have already guessed, Keith, Jessie and Mark & Derek showed up late. My grandpa asked them to be at his house at 1:00 p.m. but it is now 3:30 p.m. and they just decided to show up. My grandpa actually called Keith around 12:30 p.m. to find out how far away they are and Keith replied “Oh, we’re probably leaving our house in 20 or 30 minutes.” Naturally, this sent my grandpa into a rage; he was actually so angry that he felt it was necessary to tell Keith to “Go fuck himself,” which is rare because my grandpa is one of the only people in my family who tries his best to not use foul language because he considers it to be “distasteful.” After this phone call ended, my grandpa went on a rant about Keith complaining about how he’s always late, which is true, and how he always tries to use having twin six year-old boys as an excuse to always be late to family events. Everyone in my family knows its a bull shit excuse, though. Keith always makes it seem like Mark and Derek are some terribly misbehaved kids who don’t listen to him and Jessie which is completely false; Mark and Derek are the two most well-behaved 6 year-olds I have ever met and they aren 't stupid either, like, they know when its time to stop playing around and they understand when they have to actually get up, get dressed, and leave the house.
Personally, I think this is Keith’s way of attempting to get attention from my grandpa and probably from the rest of the family, as well. Ever since I was little, I could remember me and my mom always get...

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...think I’ve ever seen Aunt Jessie in this house without a glass of wine in her hand, should I be concerned about that?
I’ve just realized that no one is making regular mashed potatoes this year; there are only the sweet potatoes with the little white marshmallows on top. I never truly understood that dish, who decided that sweet potatoes and marshmallows are good combination? I certainly will not be eating that. Honestly, I don’t particularly enjoy any of the “traditional” Thanksgiving food. I’ll probably just end up making chicken cutlets or,better yet, get Burger King later tonight. At this point, I just want everyone to eat dinner quickly, make coffee and eat dessert, and leave so I can come to your house to see what left-overs your family brings home! I have a really good feeling your mom made those waffle-like cookies that I love so I hope you saved some for me!

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