Descriptive Essay About A Big City

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The city was blinding me with shining lights that you could see from space. It was glistening in the night and dull by day. There were cars parked all alongside the streets and traffic jams every corner.
The place that I visited was New York City over the summer about three years ago. My mom and I stayed with my aunt who lives in Poughkeepsie, which is about thirty minutes outside of New York City. Poughkeepsie is a small town that you find outside of a big city, it was a small family owned shops that consisted of knick knacks and second-hand stores. My mom and I got in on a late Friday night so we didn 't go out to see the town and instead headed to bed.
It was no later than we went to bed and it was soon Saturday morning and we were up and ready for the day. My mom and I headed into the small town to see what they had and afterward to the big city. After we
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We had to go through a metal detector, and the security officers had to search us for any type of weapon. My mom and I went through several roped lines and were soon on an elevator. The elevator took us up to the top of the building so we could overlook the city. The overlooking view of the city made it look marvelous in the daytime and it made me want to come back during the night. The view from the top was very nice and I could even see the Statue of Liberty.
Once we were done sightseeing we decided to head to Time Square and do some shopping. Before we got to Time Square, we saw a flea market and decided to stop and look around. They had just random things from the sellers like knives to Indian tribe trinkets.
We got done looking through the stuff at the flea market and headed into Time Square. We stopped in a Hershey candy shop that was three stories high. They had this new kind of candy bar called Hershey air and we both have never seen it before. The candy bar had air bubbles inside of it instead of it being a solid

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