Analysis: A Natural Goodbye

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A Natural ‘Goodbye’
Changes in friends happen to everybody for different reasons. This is evident when looking at the way physical separation between people leads to a weakening in friendship and then an end in friendship all together as time continues. While keeping in touch with a few people is natural, moving or a change in setting will cause an end in friendship because new people will replace old friends from the previous setting and a place’s social environment may change that friend into someone completely new.
A change in location will naturally cause a replacement in friends. Although it is tempting to stay in touch with the past, it is simply futile to hold on to old friends. It is impossible because although a few friends will stay
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Around the world, people have different outlooks on life, interact differently, have unfamiliar slang terms, may have been raised differently and much more. These things all contribute to how a person acts and reacts to different things. If a friend were to move to a different city, state or even continent, the social norms may change completely and that person will eventually adapt and take up different behaviors. If that friend were to come back to see his/her old friends, they may not like his changed self and will disassociate from him. His personality is the same inside, but the way he acts on the outside will lead his old friends to not like him because he has changed into somebody completely new. In the picture, the word “friendship” has clearly been discontinued. This picture symbolizes how setting changes people because as you walk through your own “forest” you will have to leave pieces of your past in order to get where you want to go. In addition,changes in character may be made as you move through your forest, so those past “trees”/friends will not want to associate with you and will naturally be cut off from the friendship. The poem “Memento” by Lily Cao also expresses how friendship is changed by setting. in the poem, Lily states Soon I must go, and she will stay, dwelling under the apple tree...She flails. I walk. We are matching memory.” This quote is important because it signifies that both sides of the friendship are often not in agreement when one leaves. The friend may be angry while you just realize it is part of life, or the other way around. Either way, however, as soon as the friend leaves, they will change into a different person that may seem unapproachable and completely different. In the Poetry Pairing called ‘Memento’ by Shannon Doyle, Alex Williams writes about ways that people handle friendships ending in the article “It 's not me it 's you”. He talks about

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