My Sister's Wedding - Original Writing

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My Sister's Wedding - Original Writing In Mid September 1998 a telephone call to my mum and dad was change my family’s life for the next year and a half. My sister announced that she was getting married. I was nine at the time of the announcement and I found this also exciting because I would be getting a plane to go to England and it would be like a holiday as well. The biggest part of this wedding was the location because my sister lived in the south of England with her boyfriend. The organisation of the wedding was to be bigger than we all thought. Firstly my parents had to organise the flights for my family who were going to the wedding, secondly we all had contribute to the making of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Thirdly my mum and my sister had to communicate with each other to see if everything was going well. A lot of time and hard work later, two months before the wedding my mum had nearly all the clothing for the wedding made and all we had to do was wait until a month before the wedding, at which time we would fly away to England. Finally the day had arrived; we were going to England; we had everything packed and ready to go and were on our way to the airport. I couldn’t wait! I just couldn’t stop thinking of the wedding and, of course, seeing my sister and future brother in law who I hadn’t seen for almost two years. As soon as we arrived at the airport, we checked our bags in and proceeded to the lobby where we got something to eat at McDonalds. Then my dad rang my sister and organised for us to be picked up at the airport. We didn’t have long to wait because on the intercom it said “Flight to Gatwick Airport in half an hour”. My dad took all the hand luggage and we got on the plane, which didn’t take long to get to

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