A Positive And Accepting Learning Environment At My High School Essay example

A Positive And Accepting Learning Environment At My High School Essay example

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Thankfully society has come a long way since the epidemic of racism, discrimination and prejudice has come a long way through the decades. But unfortunately, despite making strides towards acceptance for everyone, racism, discrimination and prejudice still consumes the mind of many individuals. My involvement in the Peer Helping program for the past three years at my high school has given me the opportunity to explore the issue of discrimination through various workshops and conferences. In 2014 I was one of four students from my school to take place in a conference organized by the Ottawa Catholic School Board’s Equity and Inclusive Education Committee. At this conference students from all over the region came together to discuss strategies to create a more positive and accepting learning environment at our schools. This was a really positive and eye opening experience for me. I was able to listen to guest speakers stories that had a lasting impact on me and the way I treat other people. I learned that everyone has a story and it is not fair to pass judgement.
Growing up with parents from different racial backgrounds has exposed me to the reality that prejudice does still exist within society. This past Christmas when my brother’s girlfriend was at my father’s side the family’s Christmas dinner, my aunt make a derogatory comment in regards to her being Caucasian. A large portion of society is against interracial marriage and same-sex marriage. I’m very thankful that I was raised to accept and respect everyone regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation or appearance.
In contrast to the negative judgement that society can pass, I think it is also important to focus on the positive. In correlation with the conference...

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...pt to change around them. A specific interest I have is learning more about how economic struggles within a family or individual can lead to conflict. Nobody directly chooses or wished to be hit with turbulence in their life. I want to work with those people who have to be able to help them achieve a more fulfilling life.
From my research, Carleton is the only school I have found that focuses on issues such as those I’ve mentioned above and all of my interests within social work. It’s excellent placement in Ottawa would allow for lots of possibilities for networking. After doing all the research I possibly could on Carleton’s School of Social Work and getting in touch with alumni from the program, I have wholeheartedly validated and am confident that Carleton’s Social Work program is what I am looking for and will set me up for the most successful career possible.

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