The Career Of Social Work

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The profession of Social work is a unique and diverse field in that it has the capacity to reach many different individuals in many different aspects of their lives. Growing up with six siblings and being confined to a small three bedroom apartment, while my mother worked multiple jobs to provide for her children, often times I became reliant on others to guide me. In retrospect of my childhood, I have personally been affected by social workers, and each of them treated my family with such professionalism. These individuals who impacted my life, did not realize the blessings they were bestowing upon me. Little did they recognize, they forever enriched my life. I desire to do the same for others. I yearn to not only become a professional at promoting the well-being of others, but also making a long-term difference for others. As I have entered my professional career, social work continues to play a tremendous role for not only myself, but the…show more content…
On occasion, we as beings are faced with difficult scenarios. Once I was faced with a situation in which an associate, whom I serve in the United States Army Reserve’s with, was working through a tough breakup with her significant other. Days after the initial breakup, she randomly confided in me that she was contemplating suicide. I instantly halted my current activity and called her. Through my suicide prevention training in the military, one of the main points of the presentation was to directly ask the individual were they contemplating killing themselves and if so, how. Upon calling her, these two questions were running rapid through my mind, but I had never encountered this type of situation so, originally I was afraid. I felt as if I were to ask her these questions, I would make her feel uncomfortable and shut down. However, I knew that if I did not ask these questions, I could not help her, so I
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