A Career As A Social Worker

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For as long as I can remember I have had a caring attitude and a sense of compassion towards people. Having had different experience and different view to the society while growing up such as having a family member that was a drug addict and was under the influence of alcohol, having a cousin that was abused by a close relation and witnessing the effect it had on their physical and mental health allowed me to get closer to them and wanting to support them in their daily life. I actively shadowed the role of the social workers that was put in charge of my family members. Watching closely with the kind of support, advice, counselling……. That were provided for them and other personal experience that I had triggered my interest in wanting to find out more and this is when I realized that a career in social work profession would be enjoyable and extremely satisfying. My families’ successful recovery affirmed my desire to become a Social worker
Since secondary school I have focused on working academically to create a foundation for future success in a social work role. I studied Level 3 Ex...
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