A Meal Of Cornbread And Campbell 's Pea Soup Essay

A Meal Of Cornbread And Campbell 's Pea Soup Essay

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When I returned home, it was dark. I prepared a meal of cornbread and Campbell’s pea soup. As I ate, I thought about my aunt’s instance, I began learning the Welsh way of fishing. Uncle Galaway said, “Your aunt has a big heart, but she has weird beliefs.”
“How’s that,” I asked.
“For one thing, she thinks that fishing the old way will make you prosperous. When we first became married, she had a dream that fishing the old way would make us a prosperous business couple. That’s why I worked so many years on the night shift.”
“Did it help?”
“It gave me something to do. It got me out of the house,” he said.
“She wants me to fish so I can forget about Vietnam,” I said.
“Good Luck,” Galaway said, “She thought it would do the same for my Normandy memories.” Pulling his pipe from his pocket, he lit and continued, “She doesn’t permit you to take notes, so listen carefully.” Then, he began his instruction about fishing.
It is important that the wood comes from certain trees. Trees depend on their roots. If the roots twist and deform themselves into any shape to get water. The limbs take on the twisted character of their roots. They will bend and twist themselves to get sunshine. This is how trees survive. If there is little water and little sun, the tree will become twisted and knotted at is core. The wood would be unworkable. One has to look at the flaws in a tree. It will tell one the trees character. That is why we study a tree from the ground up.
For the Welsh manner of fishing it takes two men, two boats, two oars and a net. With the first oar, one man rowed his boat, and with the second oar, the other man rowed his boat. In this way the fishermen stretched their nets between them as they paddled up stream. Controlling the nets...

... middle of paper ...

...x days would destroy the balance in the universe that his laws of physics produce,” dad said.
I knew that this discussion was leading to an argument, and I told them I was going to my room and finish my homework.
“Don’t play that trash music loud enough that I can hear it, or I’ll come upstairs and bust your radio,” dad said as I left the room.
Tonight I finished my smoke, I opened the porch door, knocked the bowl of my pipe against the door jamb, and went inside to watch Johnny Carson. George Carlin was going to be on his show. I thought I remembered a member of my platoon named Carlin.
We called him Cornel Carlin. He died somewhere in the jungle on night patrol. I don’t think I came to his aid. I rubbed my chest as if I was searching for a bullet hole. I thought I carried the death wounds of all the comrades who died overseas. I told myself that’s a crazy idea.

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