Essay on A Lecture On The Holocaust

Essay on A Lecture On The Holocaust

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This lecture was about the different couples that survived the Holocaust. Photographer Lloyd Wolf was the speaker and did an awesome job with bringing the pictures on the screen to life. From what we were told about the couples, they loved each other and had nothing bad to say about one another. Of course they had a few disagreements but nothing major. All of the couples that we learned about had one thing in common, and that was they all loved and wanted each other’s company. In every interview that Wolf introduced to the people, they all said the same thing. Each couple said that they got married because they had no one else, needed the person they were with, and/ or wanted to be with the person they were with. Here are a few couples that really made
The couple Irene and Azriel were both artists and were useful to the German solders because of their art abilities. Irene lived to be in her mid 90’s and produced paintings and drawings. Azriel lived to be 100 years old and produced sculptures throughout his lifetime. Irene and Azriel painted and sculpted up until the end of their lives. They said that they were all each other had and that was all they needed. They are a true example of true love because, they stuck together through it all.
Stephanie and Marin Marquez, also stood out to me because of the trials that they had to endure not only to be together but to survive. A story that Wolf told the audience was about a young woman who used to steal bread from the German solders. This woman would take the bread to Stephanie for her to eat. Unfortunately, the woman got caught and ended up in a very bad position. The German solders ordered every Jew to gather in the middle of the warehouse, and called out the woman who was stealin...

... middle of paper ... or even live together until after the Holocaust. While Wolf was interviewing this couple, he found out that the two just did not want to ever live without one another. They both said that they love each other so much and couldn’t even think about what life would be like if they did not have one another.
This lecture relates to this class because it was giving us a different look at how the world really works. We were able to get a thought of how the world was through the eyes of people who were on the absolute bottom of the totem pole. This lecture really opened my eyes and makes me want to step outside of just how I feel about things, and start setting myself aside and look at the bigger picture. Through this lecture I was able to see that this class will actually require me to step outside of my comfort zone and actually look beyond my own thoughts.

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