Essay about A Interview With A Friend Of The Family

Essay about A Interview With A Friend Of The Family

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I first interview a friend of the family. Patricia is start her own business with her family one year ago. Their business import – export smartphones screen from China, and distribute their product to local retailers. As a marketer graduate from FIU, Patricia understand an.
When I started my interview with Patricia, the first words she told me where, “I don’t know anything of finance”. If she were to invest in the market, she definitely looks for some advice and help to be able to take care of her money. Maria Patricia will look for someone who has a vast experience and success in the investment field, and at the same time very professional. She mentions that even though she does not know personally the advisor, he or she is supposed to be professional and have a better understanding of the stock market than her. One important factor for Patricia that an investment advisor must have is experience and reputation; with this been said, she will probably diversify her money and place it on different firms. Further, she is also being looking for someone sincere which can give her honest and concrete answers about which market is better for her.
As part of the Student Finance League for my second interview, I decided to interview the CEO of the organization. Diana is the CEO and founder of the Student Finance League, she decided to start the organization after seeing the strong need of financial and business education in the U.S. She believes many children and teen, who live in unprivileged communities do not get sufficient resources and opportunities to persuade their higher education. Diana’s mission is to provide education to improve the quality of life for generations.
When I started my conversation with Dian...

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...d how important is to always be updated with the news and willing to learn new techniques. Therefore, I will look for someone who can continuously be able to change for improvement.
After interviewing Patricia, Diana, and Melissa about why they will for an investment advisor, I found that all of them including myself where actually looking for the same. We all want to increase our wealth while seeking someone honest, and with experience in the financial area. I discover that honest is very important factor when you are working with the money of other people. People what someone who can trust and what the better for them, and has built a loyal reputation by their clients. In addition, I noticed that some people it really important the reputation of the advisor, yet at the same time they believe that knowledge is something essential that it can be hard to find.

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